Typominima - Beautiful typography WordPress theme
Welcome fellow blogger to the demo installation of Typominima, a gorgeous typography based minimal WordPress theme fit for those just like you, people with a strong appetite for writing and publishing in a beautiful environment!

Why Typominima?

In a time when every other blog and WordPress theme focuses solely on adding more and more advertising space, Typominima is the theme that puts your writings in the spotlight. Typominima is not a tool to make money online. Typominima is a theme that invites you to create, to express yourself, to let your ideas flow through characters on HTML like ink on paper. And it’s WordPress 3.0+ compatible.

Though a typography based minimal WordPress theme, Typominima is far from being simple. Its features include a control panel that lets you adjust certain design elements to tweak the theme to your preferences.

Where to from here?

Explore Typominima, check out a list of the theme features and also a series of posts containing sample styling for the most common elements you’ll need on your blog. Once you download the theme, make sure you check out the “News & updates” section and subscribe to Blogsessive’s RSS feed in order to find out when new releases are available.

Author’s request

In order to support our effort to provide a high-quality WordPress theme all we ask is that you keep the footer links, crediting the theme designers. They are not sponsored links, nor do they lead to spam sites. For this, we thank you!

The photo used in this post is shot taken by Andreas Keller. Pay him a visit and show him some love!

* Please note that for demonstration purposes, the theme here uses a static page for home page. Once installed on your own blog, Typominima will list on home page the most recent posts you have published, just like any other regular blog theme.